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One of the great things about the car community is the friends you make and experiences you have along the way, sometimes those friends end up being 2,640 miles away.

It’s not always a simple task to fabricate and wrench away from your shop but when you are given the opportunity to rough it out in Hawaii you tend to suck it up and get to work. In the past 4 years we have made multiple trips to Maui working on various projects. Our shop away from home is provided by our friend Cori of Corrupted Inc. Clothing. Cori has been key in the expanding work that Under-Pressure is taking on over seas.

On this particular trip we had three main projects to tackle, fabricating and installing a turbo kit on a 74 Drag Corolla, a turbo manifold for an S14 with a SR20 and the exhaust on Cori’s Bullet Side Datsun with an SR20. Materials tend to be more expensive in Hawaii if you can even find any so we shipped most of them with us on the plane ride over.

Although this trip was mostly for work, it was easy to catch yourself stopping and staring out at

the vast surrounding ocean and taking in all the unfamiliar sounds that seemed to wash away

any thought of home. From the day we got there we were working from sun up to sunset, at times MacGyvering our way through areas to get the job done. At this point we have completed 10 projects and already have more lined up. It has been a privilege to travel and share our work all over the world. Check out our video recap to see just what went down!


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